Naga Huta - Peacemakers

Peacemakers through Inter-Religious Dialogue - Nagahuta 2005. Between the international meetings organized by the International Office for Justice, Peace and Ecology held in Addis Abeba (2004) and Porto Alegre (2006), there was also another one that occurred in Nagahuta (Indonesia) from the 14th to the 19th of February, 2005, with the theme, “Peacemakers through Inter-religious Dialogue.” Because of technical difficulties, the document was delayed in its publication. However, given the urgent timeliness of the theme and the attentive clarity of the Capuchin-Franciscan response articulated at Nagahuta, we have seen it opportune to publish the text before the conclusion of the present sexennium.

Fra Tewelde Beyene
The International Office Justice, Peace and Ecology

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